Instagram: An accessible pathway into art?

  Art is cool. Art is engaging. Art is interactive. But is art Instagram-worthy? It appears that art is enjoying something of a renaissance – no pun intended – on Instagram. As a primarily visual platform, it provides a convenient, affordable and accessible avenue to interact with art, for artists and viewers alike. The trouble... Continue Reading →


The Humours: Funny Art, or is it really?

The Humours at MUMA, Credit: Lekhaa Nair I love comedy. I love art. But they always seemed like two separate entities in my mind. Art was abstract and introspective and humour, blustering and loud. The Humours at Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) attempts to challenge the assumption that art and humour are mutually exclusive.... Continue Reading →

The Family Law: Witty and Warm

Benjamin Law writes with startling honesty. In his comedic memoir, The Family Law, we follow Law through mortifying anecdotes that have shaped his identity as a gay, Asian-Australian man. While most of Law’s stories revolve around the experience of being a minority in Australia, they aren’t solely defined by his Asian heritage. There is a... Continue Reading →

Why pay for a gourmet toastie?

How often would you go to a restaurant and order a cheese toastie? It’s hardly considered ‘gourmet’, and spending money on something you could easily whip up at home is hardly logical. Right? Wrong. On it’s last day, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival debunks the myth that cheese toasties are just quick snack material... Continue Reading →

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